"How do I choose my dream photographer?"
Just like choosing a partner, it is so important to choose wedding vendors that are compatible with your personality. People are much more than their portfolios!

My Approach

The number one thing I hear from couples before a shoot is "help, we're SO awkward!". Trust me, I feel the same way getting my photo taken. But I photograph REAL couples, not models! I want couples who can be silly with each other, who can laugh through all the awkward moments together, who are so carefree, fun, and in love that nothing else matters! 

My work style is to be behind the scenes capturing authentic moments whenever possible, and then stepping in to direct as needed. Your wedding photographer is with you the most out of all of your wedding vendors!  It's so important that you choose one that you vibe with the best. If you need someone who is super extroverted, that takes control of every room they're in, and gives poses every second of the day, I might NOT be the photographer for you. However, I AM the photographer for you if you need someone who sits back and observes, knows how to read the room, is organized and keeps you on schedule, directs you just the right amount to create natural looking poses, and is a calm and positive presence for you on your wedding day.

My husband Dongseok and I on our wedding day

Santa Barbara, CA | March 29th, 2023

Photos by Wild Whim Photography

Sarah Zing Seo

About Sarah

"I grew up on the island paradise that is Oahu, Hawaii and moved to SoCal in 2010. I received my Bachelor's degree in photography in 2015 and have been shooting weddings ever since!! I met my husband mid pandemic in 2021, we got married in 2023, and he moved to the US permanently from Korea. You can often find me playing with flowers, or at home editing with my fav work buddy next to me (Koda the black cat). I love a good trashy tv show, Fall weather, candles, and sushi 24/7."